Recommended Link Building Strategies 2019

link building as the name suggests is the process of inter-changing your url with other Web sites to increase your site’s backlinks and quality backlinks.

Recommended Link Building Strategies 2019

How to build links without hurting your page authority and get loved by google

Evergreen Keywords

What is an evergreen keyword?
An evergreen keyword is a keyword which will be fresh forever.

If you want to build quality backlinks to your blog then you need quality contents that will convince your viewers and blog readers in the first place

How to do that?
First, search for an evergreen keyword in Google.

Turn Your Evergreen Keywords into an Evergreen Content

You can turn that evergreen topic into useful content.

How do you know your content is amazing and useful?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Is your content more thorough and up-to-date?
Is your content easy to read?
Does your content has actionable tips?
Does your content satisfy user intent?
Is your content better and different?
If all the answers are YES, please smile and jump

Wow! You really jumped?

Most people think that quality links will naturally come to their evergreen content, as their article is 10x better than the competitors.

Sorry to say, that’s an absolutely naive idea… If your content is high quality, do not just sit back and relax!

As a matter of fact you have to promote your content so as to build the top quality links your content deserves..

Good right?
Because if you don’t promote your content how could people know about your amazing content?

If no one knows about your evergreen content, how will they link to it?

Make sense?


Here are some really good white hat techniques to skyrocket your contents authority

Steal Your Competitors Quality Backlinks

Search for your target keyword on Google there are free tools for that too and include all the top 10 results in a Google spreadsheet:
Next, you have to find out who are linking to these top 10 ranking pages.
Include each URL into a backlink analysis tool (I’m using Moz here)

Now, your job is to build these links (as much as you can) to your evergreen content.

How do i do that?

Through Email Outreach

You need to send personalized email to each of those people to let them know about your amazing content.

Here’s an email sample you can use:

Hi Walter,
I was surfing the web for some new information about (your topic) and came to this page
I noticed that you mentioned (your competitor content title) in your article.
Though the content is good but misses few more information.
Actually, I have created more thorough and up-to-date content:
(Your evergreen content URL)
The article might make a nice addition to your content.
Keep up the great work!

Best Regards
(Your First Name)

Tip: Don’t use this exact email script. You need to personalize this script as much as possible to increase the conversion rate (backlinks). 

To Be Continued in my next update

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